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Poetry: For God so loved the world

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, He lay all his glory down, born as a babe, Messiah comes… For so long we’d lived, in our own selfish world, For we chose death instead of life, painful toil from dust to dust… For the enemy, deceived the human race, He [...]

Thief in the Night – by Adam Gilmour (Free Song)

Singer and songwriter Adam Gilmour has completed a new song - ’Thief in the night’ which is free to listen to and download here. The words of the song are written by Les Farvis one of the elders at Sovereign Church in Port Macquarie. Play audio:

Preaching the Cross

A very good friend of mine owns a jewellers shop back in Northern Ireland. In his store he sells all forms of jewellery from watches to engagement rings to household clocks to a vast range of chains and necklaces, and just about everything else that a jewellers store should offer. Within his vast stock, he [...]

Where a Clear Notion of Truth is Absent

“Where a clear notion of truth is absent, Christianity becomes more of an attitude than a belief system”. (1) It seems that just about everyone today is somehow in a right relationship with God, unless they are an out-and-our atheist or possibly better portrayed as an anti-theist. And even according tom some Christian authors, these [...]